Growing An Ecosystem Of High-Potential 🎰 iGaming Businesses That Value Innovation Over The Status Quo

Dmitry Belianin – Angel investor, entrepreneur, speaker


👨‍🏫 We mentor, incubate, and grow iGaming businesses with bold ideas that seek to bring new techniques and technologies to the industry. 

💪 We’re committed to empowering forward-thinking founders who dare to bring brave, ambitious ideas to life.

🙏 It’s our belief that the iGaming industry has grown complacent and risk-averse. Let’s change that.

Meet The Businesses Daring to Innovate

Blask is an advanced platform that comprehensively analyses the global iGaming market. It offers never-before-seen insights to facilitate gambling and betting business growth through competitor analysis worldwide.

Already Media is an iGaming media company that seeks to redefine the affiliate landscape with a modern approach to attracting and nurturing players, blending data with a customer-centric approach. With assets such as PokerListings, they’re set to become a dominant force.

Traffic Squad is one of the strongest media buying and affiliation companies in the industry, with a strong presence in lots of exciting geos. With a team of 100+ experts, our focus is to make them a household name.

We have many more exciting ideas incubating—we’ll tell you about them when they’re ready to rock’ n’ roll.

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